Summer '18 Holiday Creative Funshops!

The Summer holidays have been good to us at Kidsparty Academy. Not only did we all have an unbelievable heatwave this year, but we also launched the first year of our holiday creative funshops and in the words of our parents, they were 'absolutely amazing in every way.'

We loved meeting so many brilliant and talented children from all across London and Essex and together with our Kidsparty Academy entertainers, we had a Summer ball! From art and crafts classes with our wonderful children's books illustrator, Chantal Renn, to Disney themed drama, dance and games, we enjoyed every minute of using our creativity and team work to devise dance routines, pieces of performance and art work which the children took home to keep to remember their special time with us. We'd like to thank all of the children and parents who took part and we have definitely been inspired as well as encouraged by so many parents to continue these funshops next year. In the meantime, we can't wait to see you all at your most special time of year to celebrate with you, expect your birthday parties to be this much fun and even more!

Keep smiling, having fun and being creative!

Check out some of our favourite pics from our wonderful children's creative funshops!

Live! Laugh! Love!