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  • Experienced entertainer, Dino Explorer Costume, props!
  • Treasure Hunt and Pass the Parcel with Dino facts and challenges!
  • Party Music and dinosaur themed songs
  • Special prizes and certificates for every child to take home
  • Packages from £150!

Dinosaur Parties


Is your child brave enough for our dinosaur party? Fasten your seat belts for a wild adventure!

Our Dinosaur parties have lots of fun facts to learn about these fascinating creatures as well as interactive games and adventures to make this a party the kids won't forget!

We use dinosaur music to set the scene as soon as your guests arrive to the party, then its onto some games including Dino statues,  Wakey Wakey Dino hunter and an adventure that helps the children to use the wildest imagination and creativity! We also include lots of fun and inspiring prizes!