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Nancy, 29 years old: Kids Party Entertainer
At Kids Party Academy, I am dedicated to ensuring your child has the best possible fun! Having worked as a children's entertainer for over 5 years, I want to share my passion and love for kids parties with anyone who wants to join me! You can choose from any of the packages we offer, but if there’s another one you were looking for you or you have any requests I can help with, go ahead and let me know!

Alice, 33 years old: Kids Party Academy Director
Having worked with children for over ten years both as a Teacher and Kids Party Planner, I know how to make your kids party unique and most importantly, run smoothly. My passion lies in organising kids parties, and that’s what I’m good at! You can take advantage of my expertise and trust Kids Party Academy to organise an event your child won’t forget. We tailor our packages to suit your child and it's our mission to give them everything they dreamed of and more! 

Our fun and friendly team have the passion and experience to make your child's party unforgettable!