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Peppa Pig

  • Entertainer, Costume & Equipment
  • Pepper Pig Games and Dancing!
  • Treasure Hunt and Pass the Peppa Pig Parcel
  • Party Music and Peppa Pig themed songs
  • Special prizes and certificates for all the children to take home!
  • Packages from £150!

Our Peppa Pig themed party includes all of the traditional elements that kids love like Pass the Peppa Pig Parcel, Balloons, Treasure Hunt and disco dances however these are all themed to Peppa Pig. Oink Oink!

We will play the famous theme tune and the children will learn our dance routine with lots of energy and exciting activities.
The whole experience is a Peppa Pig dream from start to finish! The birthday child will lead some amazing Peppa Pig games along with our entertainer and they truly will be the star of the show!

There will also be special prizes and certificates for everyone to take home!