Let's get ready to set sail to Treasure Island...

Drop to the decks, Climb the rigging, and spy for Pirates on board your very own pirate ship! 

Your Pirate themed party will include jumping aboard an adventure around Pirate Island named after the birthday child! We believe that the secret to every magical adventure is a story told by our entertainers who will have the children hanging onto the edge of their barrels! So once the scene has been set the group will become part of the adventure, starting with some very important Pirate training, ahoy! We also include ‘Pieces of gold’ Treasure Hunt, where the children will have to find their way around Treasure Island to gather the missing pieces of gold to win the ultimate treasure!

The games and music are also Pirate themed so that the whole experience is an adventure from start to finish. Your child’s birthday party is only once a year so it’s our pirate entertainers duty to do all he can to give our little Shipmate everything they dreamed of and more!

Live! Laugh! Love!


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  • Entertainer with Pirate Costume
  • Equipment
  • Shiver me Timbers Dancing!
  • Treasure Hunt 
  • Pass the Pirate’s Parcel
  • Party Music and pirate themed songs
  • Special prizes and certificates for 

    all the children to take home!

  • Packages from £150!