• Entertainer, Power Rangers Costume & Equipment
  • Power Rangers Training, Games and prizes!
  • Power Rangers Pass the Parcel
  • Power Rangers Party Music!
  • Special prizes and certificates for all the children to take home!
  • Packages from £150!

Go Go Power Rangers 

Our Power Rangers are ready to Power up and give your child the Mighty Morphin time of their life!

This party includes all of the traditional elements that children love like Pass the parcel, Power Rangers Treasure Hunt and party dances all themed to Power Rangers!
In between the layers of Power Rangers Pass the Parcel there will be themed challenges to test your guests' skills and knowledge about all things Power Ranger!

There will be Super Hero training to learn the Power Rangers greatest moves, plus games and music which is also themed so that the whole experience is a Mighty Morphin adventure from start to finish! This is an amazing chance for your child to experience being their personal favourite Power Ranger!

Live! Laugh! Love!


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