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  • Entertainer, Costume & Equipment
  • Beautiful Story Telling of your chosen Story
  • Games and Dancing
  • Treasure Hunt and Pass the Parcel with themed prizes
  • Special prizes and certificates for all the children to take home!
  • packages from £150!

What's your favourite childhood story?

Snow White? The Jungle Book? Or maybe it's the Gruffalo or In the Night Garden? Being a team made of educational experts and kids party entertainers, we at Kids Party Academy believe in the power of a classic story to capture and transport children into another world. We give the children the inspiration and tools to actually become the characters using their own imagination and go on an adventure they'll never forget, along with all of their friends at their party!

We want to encourage the birthday child to choose their very own favourite story and we'll take it from there. Peronalising the story to include the name of the birthday boy or girl, we'll take the children on a Magic Carpet Ride through the world of Aladdin or we can even give the children the golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Whatever the story we want to make it real for your child and give them a chance to experience real magic through the power of story telling, adventure, character and above all, imagination.

Get in touch below and we'll help you to begin the journey!