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  • Party Host, Costume & Equipment
  • Magical Story Telling!
  • Games, singing, Props

    and Pass the Parcel

  • Party Music and theme songs
  • Special prizes and certificates for all the children to take home!
  • Packages from £150!

If you go down to the woods today...

Come rain or shine we will plan and provide the most magical Teddy Bear's Picnic for your kids party. With adorable games, songs and music included, your entertainer will take the children on a Teddy adventure using the power of imagination and interactive storytelling to capture the minds and creativity of the group.

Our Teddy Bears Picnic is perfect for children who have a special cuddly friend that they want to share their birthday with. Your kids party entertainer will start the party with some exciting themed games including the Honey Pot game, Musical bears and some classics like Pass the Parcel, including exciting prizes! A lovely storytime and singing will get the children settled and ready before sitting down to enjoy their picnic feast.

We can even include decorating a delicious gingerbread bear with icing sugar, sweets, fruit and other treats, all with the help and direction of your party entertainer. 

Our expert entertainers are trained to win and maintain the interest of the children from ages 2 years and upwards by making the experience engaging and exciting from start to finish, so you will get a chance to relax and watch the party unfold infront of your eyes. Children's early years birthday parties are among the most important to make amazing lifelong memories and friendships with peers, so we will create a uniquely special party for your child to make these precious moments truly magical!